Jan 14th

with Rene Watt of www.witchdoctorate.com Planet Alignment and Phases Witchcraft laws removed NY Blue Transformer Sky Alien Abduction Advice UFO School A.Lien Neil.A Alien Abduction Story Sun Sound Maybe It’s Real? Songs: Jethro Tull – The Witches Promise Clinton Dogger Mullins – Alien Abduction The Pixies – Where is My Mind? Follow the show on: http://www.facebook.com/themothershipradioshow/ […]

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Nov 6th

A continuation of conversations with Rene Watt of http://www.witchdoctorate.com about hex’s and stereotypes of witches. J-Adam Smith of Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours talks about getting a merit badge for ghost hunting and about a movie he’ll be starring in about a UFO sighting that’s in the record books. Cheryl Costa brings up a sighting of […]

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Oct 29th

Ghosts with J-Adam Smith, The Paranormal Historian talks a little history of ghosts in Knoxville, Tenn as well as the spirits connection with the energy you’re bringing to a ghost hunt. http://www.facebook.com/hauntedknoxville/ hauntedknoxville.net Witches with Rene Watt of Witch Doctorate witchdoctorate.com/ Topic: the social norms of witches There’s also an interesting ghost story from Kojak! […]

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Oct 22nd

Producer Kevin Barry shares stories about the strange and unusual from his time producing and writing Ancient Aliens, UFO Files, UFO Hunters, Deep Undercover, The Unexplained with Bill Curtis and many more. Cash-Landrum Incident Bentwaters-Rendlesham Forest incident Airline Pilot sees something while flying Follow the show on: http://www.facebook.com/themothershipradioshow/ http://www.instagram.com/themothershipradioshow/ twitter.com/themothershiprs http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2_0BQ8i…iew_as=subscriber

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Oct 8th

Musician, Producer, Singer, Songwriter Robert Berry of 3 with Keith Emmerson and Carl Palmer and now with 3.2, a newer version with the music and inspiration of Keith Emmerson. He talks about working with Keith Emmerson on his final project and how the album, “The Rules Have Changed” was made. We also talk about other […]

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Oct 1st

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Bassist Steve Fossen from Heart joins the show to talk about the strange and unusual! From a unique experience playing a certain song to humanities final frontier. A Skull Asteroid is headed our way after Halloween. How convenient. What tips you off to a fake story? People are People, […]

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